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Marquez Pro Electric is a professional electrical company committed to promoting safety and efficiency in the electrical equipment in your home or place of business. We have over 15 years of experience, and we would be more than happy to offer advice or take a look at your electrical system to make sure that they are in working order. With our resources and experience, you can expect us to meet your needs and have the job done on time. To have our expert team handle your electrical needs, contact us at Marquez Pro Electric today!

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Surveillance Systems

Marquez Pro Electric

Moreno Valley, CA

Surveillance Systems

Give your home or business an extra layer of safety and protection with professional surveillance system installation from Marquez Pro Electric. It can be difficult to keep an eye on everything that goes on, whether it's on your property's surroundings or your employees. Thankfully, with just one call, one of our qualified electricians can be at your residence or place of business to install surveillance cameras and set up a monitor or CCTV screen so that you can easily view everything that is within range of the cameras. Protect your assets, your property, your family, and your staff with top-notch security that deters threats. We also offer EV charging services! For more information about how you can have surveillance cameras installed on your property, please contact us at Marquez Pro Electric today!